Physics behind the headlines

based on the book:
Physics for future presidents by Richard A. Muller      


TEXTBOOK  REQUIRED = Physics and Technology for Future Presidents
Richard A. Muller, Princeton University Press 2010


      Dr. A. Muller talking about his book and what a future president needs to know                                                                                                                                                               
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       Dr. Muller about Global Warming
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LECTURE NOTES / SLIDES  (based on the book)                                        applets                                                                                                     
 forces over distance / time

lecture note chapter 1

Best fit line applet

compute your energy needs
calories counter per meal
compute energy expenditure per sport
diet versus exercice
  keystone pipeline
conservation of energy with Walter Lewin (46:45)
conservation of energy
conservation of energy
new electric cars:  car1   car2   car3   car4 Tesla new model 
electric bike /solar
the future of energy
climate change 
first solar internaitonal flight
News: new technology to extract Uranium from sea water
 laws of thermodynamics

lecture note chapter 2
more on atmosphere
more on pressure in fluids
brownian motion
car engines
ozone formation
ozone depletion
smash bottle with Pascal's principle
BEST PLACE to DIVE/learn to dive/GREAT for kids
sandy 2012
even a small ping pong ball can apply a huge force if the speed is large !!! watch that
new types of engine with large temp. differential skylon

LAWs, conservation of momentums

lecture note chapter 3

see exploration of physical .. Galileo and race
short story of race to the Moon thanks to the Cold war (see 12:20 of the video)
water bubles in space  
demo of weighlessness by Walter Lewin go to 31:00. see the amazing scale
Galileo , different mass, same acceleration   that's why
planetary motion  (launch a satellite. if curvature greater earth's = orbit)
projectile motion above Paris
the monkey
projectile motion on different planets
play with this game newton's second law + gravity
conservation of momentum, collision
conservation of angular momentum: falling cat
compton effect, conservation of momentun
what happens in space if you don't go by newton's rules
sky diving, world record
circular motion game
virgin galactic (richard Branson)  $200,000 , 2013 ?
new space port = Abu Dhabi
conservation of angular momentum

new spy drone and spy shuttle
spaceX dragon for ISS
commercial space station: a hotel in space
here for more
zero G
another private flight for 2014 and article
$95,000  the lynx image  (source: fox news)
electromagnetic rail gun  for a stealthy ship
rail gun
space elevator         here too
virgin galactic

nuclear physics, the end of determinism

lecture note chapter 4
cloud chamber
Moore's law for 50 years
discovery of radioactivity
geiger counter
the poisoning of Alexander Litvinenko
bhopal disaster
bhopal (1984)
Jose Pedilla/dirty bomb
shoe fitting x-ray device    youtube
body scan
3 mile island accident
cosmic rays to see inside pyramids    probe mayan pyramids
interesting website
EM spectrum

notes anout nuclear medecine
(how to kill with polonium 210, the sad case of Alexander  litvinenko  )
Fukushima explanations
more on nuclear physics

disaster in Japan explained. Excellent

another video about nuclear power by Glenn Beck

CHAPTER5: chain reactions,
BOMBS, nuclear reactor

lecture note chapter 5
Indiana jones   
equivalent of TNT for atomic bomb or nuclear bomb.
from 15kt to 50 Mt

laser initial fusion see youtube video go to 12:40 for cartoon

fusion vs fission
1952 = first H-bomb
North Korea Bomb
OLD (optional):
waves, light,
invisible light,
quantum physics intro

lecture note waves

lecture note music,standing waves

lecture note light, invisible light
EM spectrum1
EM spectrum2

lecture notes: quantum physics

applications in quantum physics

other lecture notes quantum
from astronomy book:
cosmic perspective, 6th edition
bennett , Pearson

list of particles
what is a wave
water waves are circular
wavditiones: amplitude and frequency
creating a wave from a source of energy (transverse)
creating longitudinal wave
transverse and longitudinal waves
S and P waves from earthquakes
demonstration: speed depends on the tension play with the applet
reflecting wave 1 pulse, 1 end
reflecting wave - depends on boundary condition more in depth here
speed of wave decreases in a different medium

 doppler effect/shockwave     doppler effect with light   doppler effect
doppler effect and sonic boom
doppler video funny video

reflection, refraction, diffraction

stealth teachonolgy for a ship
adding waves
beats  beats
resonnance mountain dew

2-slits interference
interference pattern 2 slots
video standing waves 5:07
light bends toward slow medium
refraction in a bath tub

lenses understand      refractive telescope
converging lens

download audacity and play with it
play piano
video waves scupltures
funny youtube video about a weird problem about refraction
explore the EM spectrum
video EM waves

more applets
more about sound and music

applet lenses    formation image   formula
  telescope applet
human eyes
human eyes applet EXCELLENT

radioisotopes used in medical sciences
Modern Physics:relativity

special relativity part1
special relativity part 2 (problems)
special relativity part3 (E=mc2)
general relativity - intro
brownian motion
photoelectric effect
animation time dilation
special relativity video advanced
movie about time dilation and length contraction
David Frisch and James SMith
plane and lasers