INTRO  PHYSICS II (easy- algebra based)

textbook required: Cutnell and Johnson, Physics 8e,Wiley
LINKS:                                                                                                    complement: The Physics of everyday Phenomena
LINK to BOOK:  Cutnell, Johnson: Essentials of Physics (interactive problems, solutions ..)
other reference: source:
The Physics of Everyday Phenomena W. Thomas Griffith  McGraw Hill, 4e
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APPLETS + links
source of some slides : your textbook. Cutnell and Johnson
and from The Physics of Every day Phenomena

UNIT0: Electricity in a nutshell
lecture notes
capacitor intro
For applets see the sims.

Unit1: WAVES

mechanical waves, sound waves, EM waves
lecture notes: part1
description of waves, sound waves. (chapter 16 from Cutnell)
youtube helium vs sulfur hexafluoride
harmonic motion demo by W. Lewin /sine function 10:21
lecture notes:part2
reflection, doppler effect, sound intensity , decibels, applications
(chapter16 from Cutnell)
using ultra sound as a surgery too : Yoav Medan
stealth technology
lecture notes:part 3
linear superposition and interference phenomena
standing waves
part 3B  music
part 3C diffraction

what is a wave
water waves are circular
waves: amplitude and frequency
creating a wave from a source of energy (transverse)
creating longitudinal wave
transverse and longitudinal waves
S and P waves from earthquakes
demonstration: speed depends on the tension play with the applet
reflecting wave 1 pulse, 1 end
reflecting wave - depends on boundary condition more in depth here
speed of wave decreases in a different medium

slides sonic boom  

 doppler effect/shockwave     doppler effect with light   doppler effect

doppler video funny video
doppler effect with bikers

reflection, refraction, diffraction

another applet       another applet (ok)  waves with fire
video standing waves 5:07
beats  beats
resonnance: breaking a glass
2D resonnance

sound standing waves to make medication
See exploration of physical science. interference and exploration of Physics.
interference applet (see wave-interference)
2-slits interference
interference pattern 2 slots

light bends toward slow medium
see exploration of physical sciences + physics
refraction in a bath tub
funny youtube video about a weird problem about refraction

lecture notes
refraction :snells law and refraction of light , internal refraction,
lenses and formation of images, optical instruments and eyes.
excellent website with activities and HW
very good website

lenses understand difference between concave and convex
formation image
run exploration physics: lenses (see prism too)
run exploration of physical sciences: lenses and mirrors
converging lens: formation of image
human eyes    more here.
human eyes applet EXCELLENT
telescope   microscope
   refractive telescope
  telescope applet
more applets optics

Unit3: modern physics
atomic and nuclear physics

part1: EM spectrum
(more on spectroscopy)
part2:particle- wave
particle waves / photoelectric effect
EM waves (radio)
optional: part3: energy gaps
hydrogen atom/energy levels, atomic spectra, applications

EM spectrum wavelengths in micrometers
optional: part4: nuclear Physics - intro
atoms, radiations, natural radioactivity,
nuclear reactions, fission and fusion
list of particles
source slide:
Inquiry into  Physics /   Ostdiek and Bord, Cengage Learning 2011
explore the EM spectrum
video EM waves

light is a wave


lecture notes: SHM

very nice applet
applet conservation of energy
applet conservation of energy